Tarot is a centuries-old system that uses imagery and symbols to provide intuitive guidance and clarity into questions you have about yourself, your work, relationships or other current situations. The cards evoke archetypal, mythical, psychological and elemental energies that can be interpreted to provide insight and to bring to conscious awareness things you already know or feel, or offer messages for you to consider. Tarot cards further correspond to astrological wisdom.

I do not read Tarot as a fortune teller or psychic and will not predict your future. I use Tarot to support you to receive and consider messages that validate your own inner wisdom about your desires and life situations. Tarot reading can help you be clear and decisive so you can exercise your free will in choosing what to manifest in your life. 

Tarot sessions are best done in person, but can be also done via Zoom or phone either pulling cards from your own deck or mine. A 30 minute session is $60, during which time we may do multiple spreads or card pulls for different questions you have. $25/each additional 15 minutes, as desired.