I am dedicated to supporting people through my compassion, deep listening, loving presence, cosmic wisdom, intuitive insight, and with the skills I have acquired.

For nearly thirty years, I have been a passionate student and practitioner of yoga, meditation, astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah and archetypal psychology. I am a certified yoga teacher and astrologer, and have a masters degree in nutrition. I completed my Whole Person Life Coach certification through Coach Training World and am pursuing advanced certification through the International Coaching Federation.

A gift and blessing in my life has been the ability to integrate wisdom from many paths and traditions, and to communicate and teach in a way that inspires others on their own growth path.

I have a deep awe and reverence for the mysteries of the Universe and trust in Its brilliance and unfolding. I believe that we are beautiful beings each with our own unique purpose, gifts, skills and challenges. Being attuned to cosmic wisdom and our own intuition can deepen our self-understanding and perception of our life within the broader context of our soul’s journey. 

I believe that life coaching, astrology, yoga, meditation, and mystical and intuitive wisdom are powerful tools that support us to choose our actions and responses more skillfully so that we can manifest our best self in wholeness and love.


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