Jewish Education

I am available to develop, implement and teach Jewish curriculum and special programs for youth, teen, adult, family, and inter-generational groups.

Examples of topics I teach include Torah study, Middot/Mussar, Pirke Avot/ethics, Jewish mysticism/Kabbalah, Jewish yoga and meditation, Shabbat and holiday programs, youth Holocaust education, social justice/tikkun olam, Fair Trade seder, eco-Judaism nature programs, inter-generational teen/elder programs, madrichim teen teaching assistant training and mentoring.

Contact me about scholar-in-residence opportunities or to discuss learning programs that would be of interest and benefit to your organization.

Gematria Analysis of Birthday and Name

Gematria is a Jewish mystical (Kabbalistic) system of linking numerical value to letters and using letters and numbers in various combinations to find meaning. The letters and numbers of your name and birthday are also associated with Sefirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Eytz Chayim) and with Major and Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot (which are further associated with astrological planets and signs). A gematria analysis may provide insight into your personality, soul purpose and resources you have to manifest your life mission. This analysis is completed and emailed to you as both a written report and an audio recording explaining the analysis. $75