Astrology Natal Chart Analysis

Your natal (birth) chart is completely unique to you. No other person in the world has the exact same birth chart as you, with the exception of another baby born in the same location within three minutes of your birth. Your birth chart can be considered a blueprint or road map for your unique soul path and journey. 

A detailed natal chart analysis will explain all planets, signs, planetary aspects and house placements in your birth chart. This reading will assist you in coming to a deeper self-awareness and validation of your life journey, experiences, gifts and challenges. The natal analysis can provide a meaningful lens through which to understand your wants, needs, natural inclinations and patterns within relationship, career, health, family, creativity, learning, spirituality and other aspects of life. 

I recommend that for your initial astrology consultation, you schedule a combined natal and transit chart reading (see below). 

All readings can be done in person, via Zoom video conference, or as a voice-recorded analysis emailed to you.

Astrology Transit Chart Analysis

A detailed analysis of current and upcoming planetary transits to the natal chart will explain energies that may be playing out in various areas of your life in the here and now. Transit analysis offers a meaningful context for why certain things may be happening in your life, how you might consciously work with challenges and opportunities that are arising, an appreciation of the cyclical nature of revisiting certain themes in your life, and a time-frame for how long these energies may be seeking your attention.

Transit charts can also be requested to look back at key, critical times in your past to help you understand the astrological forces at play in your life during those times, with the aim of receiving insights that can support your present healing and learning from past experiences.

Transit coaching sessions are a powerful tool to help you address whatever big issues and concerns you are working with in your life right now. I will review all of your current and upcoming transits and coach you around how you can work with these planetary energies to effectively move past or move toward what you are seeking to accomplish. 

Astrology Relationship Charts and Compatibility Analysis

A detailed analysis of relationship bi-wheel and composite/synastry charts of two individuals can provide insight into the connections between two people. This analysis includes an explanation of each person’s core wants, needs and key natal chart elements, as well as a detailed look at how two people may learn from, support, complement and challenge each other in different areas of their lives, based on harmonious and challenging planetary aspects between them.

Relationship readings are especially helpful for romantic partners, parents seeking to better understand and support their children, and business/financial partners. 

Astro-cartography and Solar Maps

A printed map and report looking at various geographical locations in the world where different planetary energies in your natal chart may be activated or experienced more immediately for success, growth, love, healing, communication, and more. This analysis may offer useful information for considering places to live, relocate or travel. 

Astrology Service Fees

In-Person or via Zoom video conference

Natal chart reading -- $130 (60 min), $60/add'l 30 min

Natal plus transit reading (recommended) -- $180 (75-90 min), $60/add'l 30 min

In-depth transit coaching session -- $130 (60 min)

Package of 4 in-depth transit coaching sessions -- $440 (savings of $20/session, redeemable any time over a 12-month period)

Relationship chart reading -- $130 (60 min if at least one partner's natal has been analyzed prior, $180 if both partner charts are new)

Voice-Recorded or Written Reports

Natal chart reading -- $130

Natal plus transit chart reading -- $180

Transit check-in -- $60

Package of 4 Transit check-ins $220 (redeemable any time over a 12-month period)

Relocation report -- $60

Information You Provide for an Astrology Reading

To schedule a reading, contact me via email, phone or text and provide the following information: your full name, date and year of birth, location of birth (city/state/country), the time of your birth as exactly as you know it (indicating if it is from a birth record, memory, a best guess (am or pm) or unknown), and where you live currently. 

Information I Provide for an Astrology Reading

Prepared natal and transit charts will be emailed to you prior to the reading as well as a Zoom meeting link to join at the time we schedule to speak. Readings can be recorded (if you choose) and the recording will be emailed to you after the session is completed. Readings do not include a written report.


"THANK YOU Robin. I am SO immensely grateful for your reading today!!! What a gift you have to be able to help me through such a hard time. You have really validated many feelings. It means the world to me. Just amazing. It is such a gift to have a deeper understanding of one's self, and to see the impact the planets have on our thoughts and feelings. This aligns perfectly with my self care and therapy activities lately. My heart is full of gratitude for your gifts and the time you shared with me today." -- Melissa 

"I loved my astrology session with Robin! She was articulate, positive, warm and approachable. She gave me many insights into my personality and understanding of patterns and challenges that occur again and again in my life that I can use as stepping stones to growth. It was an encouraging and revealing 90 minutes!" -- Kate

"I had such a great experience. So many people are in so much discomfort because they don't know what is happening to them. You took so much confusion, stress and hurt off of me with the clarity of the reading. Thank you so much for what you do!!!" -- Beth


"Thank you for a very uplifting session....I learned a lot and feel clear that I am on the right path and will pay attention to any callings in my heart and honor them." -- Carrie 

“Thank you so much, Robin! Today was so wonderful, thank you for your honesty and advice. I feel so fulfilled!” -- Deanne