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Astrology Readings


Natal Chart Analysis

A detailed natal chart analysis will explain all planets, signs, planetary aspects and house placements in your birth chart. This reading will assist you in coming to a deeper self-awareness and validation of your life journey, experiences, gifts and challenges. The natal analysis can provide a meaningful lens through which to understand your wants, needs, natural inclinations and patterns within relationship, career, health, family, creativity, learning, spirituality and other aspects of life. 

A natal chart reading takes approximately 60 minutes and is $120.

It is recommended to schedule a combined natal and transit chart reading (see below) for your initial astrology consultation. Together this consultation will take approximately 90 minutes and the fee is $180.

Transit Chart Analysis

A detailed analysis of current and upcoming planetary transits to the natal chart will explain energies that are playing out in various areas of your life in the here and now. Transit analysis allows you to consciously work with challenges and opportunities that are arising, gives you a meaningful context for why things are happening, an appreciation of the cyclical nature of revisiting certain themes in your life, and a time-frame for how long these energies will be demanding your attention or action. 

Transit charts can also be requested to look back at key, critical times in your past to help you understand the astrological forces at play in your life during those times, with the aim of receiving insights that can support your present healing and learning from past experiences.

$120 / one hour in-depth transit chart analysis via Zoom or in-person

$60 / thirty minute transit chart analysis via Zoom or in-person

$30 / for a 5-10 minute voice recorded transit analysis sent to you via phone message or email link

Relationship Charts and Compatibility Analysis

A detailed analysis of bi-wheel and relationship composite/synastry charts of two individuals can provide insight into the connections between two people. This analysis includes a brief explanation of each person’s natal chart to understand core wants, needs and a detailed look at how two people may learn from, support, complement and challenge each other in different areas of their lives. 

Relationship readings are especially helpful for romantic partners, parents seeking to better understand and support their children, and business/financial partners. 

A relationship chart reading takes between 60-75 minutes and is $120.


Astro-cartography and Solar Maps Report

A printed map and report looking at various geographical locations in the world where different planetary energies in your natal chart may be activated or experienced more immediately for success, growth, love, healing, communication, and more. This analysis may offer useful information for considering places to live, relocate or travel. Email, phone or web-conference review of information is $40.

Information You Provide for an Astrology Reading

To schedule a reading, contact me via email, phone or text and provide the following information: your full name, date and year of birth, location of birth (city/state/country), the time of your birth as exactly as you know it (indicating if it is from a birth record, memory, a best guess (am or pm) or unknown), and where you live currently. 

Information I Provide for an Astrology Reading

Prepared natal and transit charts will be emailed to you prior to the reading as well as a Zoom or Skype meeting link to join at the time we schedule to speak. Readings can be recorded (if you choose) and the recording will be emailed to you after the session is completed. Readings do not include a written report.


Tarot Reading

Tarot is a centuries-old system that uses imagery and symbols to provide guidance and clarity into questions you have about yourself, your work, relationships or other current situations. The cards evoke archetypal, mythical, psychological and elemental energies that can be interpreted to provide insight and to bring to conscious awareness things you already know or feel, or offer messages for you to consider. Tarot is not fatalistic and does not predict your future -- rather, it offers information that may help you exercise your empowered free will to choose what you are manifesting. Tarot sessions are best done in person, but can be also done via Skype, Zoom or phone either pulling cards from your own deck or mine. Each session is scheduled for 30 minutes, during which time we may do multiple spreads or card pulls for different questions you have. $25/each additional 15 minutes, if desired.

Astrology and Tarot Reading Parties

I am available upon request to read at a private event for your group of friends or organization. Please contact me with requests.

Gematria and Numerology Analysis of Birthday and Name

Gematria is Jewish mystical (kabbalistic) system of linking numerical value to letters and using letters and numbers in various combinations to find deeper meaning in names and dates. The letters and numbers of your name and birthday are also associated with Major and Minor Arcana cards within the Tarot (which are further associated with astrological planets and signs). A gematria and numerology analysis may provide insight into your personality, soul purpose and resources you have to manifest your life mission. This analysis is completed and emailed to you as both a written report and an audio recording explaining the analysis. $75

Yoga and Mediation Instruction

Individual and group yoga and meditation instruction is available in the Westchester and NYC area.  I am available to teach children, teens and adults, beginner through advanced. Individual and group yoga are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and goals including stress-reduction, flexibility, strength, balance and emotional well-being. My approach is therapeutic, compassionate and accessible. Prices vary depending upon location and group size.

Life Coaching

As a life coach, I support clients to vision and accomplish personal goals in any area of life including career, relationships, parenting, health, spirituality, and life/soul purpose. I am committed to helping you be more joyful, purposeful, motivated and successful in what matters to you. Through loving presence, deep listening, collaborative conversation, strategic tools and exercises, actionable steps and accountability, I facilitate you to be self-innovating and resourceful in manifesting the outcomes you desire.


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