"THANK YOU Robin. I am SO immensely grateful for your reading today!!! What a gift you have to be able to help me through such a hard time. You have really validated many feelings. It means the world to me. Just amazing. It is such a gift to have a deeper understanding of one's self, and to see the impact the planets have on our thoughts and feelings. This aligns perfectly with my self care and therapy activities lately. My heart is full of gratitude for your gifts and the time you shared with me today."

Melissa S. 

"I loved my astrology session with Robin! She was articulate, positive, warm and approachable. She gave me many insights into my personality and understanding of patterns and challenges that occur again and again in my life that I can use as stepping stones to growth. It was an encouraging and revealing 90 minutes!"

Kate W.

"I had such a great experience. So many people are in so much discomfort because they don't know what is happening to them. You took so much confusion, stress and hurt off of me with the clarity of the reading. Thank you so much for what you do!!!"

Beth W.

"Thank you for a very uplifting session....I learned a lot and feel clear that I am on the right path and will pay attention to any callings in my heart and honor them."

Carrie I.

"I cannot recommend Robin enough for private yoga! She's a wonderful teacher and person. My back and anxiety have improved with Robin's help."

Marlene K.

"Robin is a very talented yoga instructor. Because of her my practice has improved in all areas as well as my understanding of yoga. She is a wonderful and true gift."

Marissa B.